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[Bug Story] Directory listing on Servlet applications (Bug+Patch)

Hi, Welcome!

(Uhm.. Posting after a long time)
I’m not the huge fan of directory traversals but I across its patch so thought to share it with you.

A couple of days before, I came across blogpost, in which, the researcher writes how he found Local File Inclusion leaking  /etc/passwd file from dutch government website. Swiftly after reading this blog, I decided to search vulnerabilities in Indian government websites. Continue reading “[Bug Story] Directory listing on Servlet applications (Bug+Patch)”

WannaCry : Zero to Hero


After long night juggling of ‘Bahubali2’, I woke up at morning and found everyone were yelling with WannaCry on twitter. Though I works in web application security and unaware of rest of the system security concept, many friends asked me to answer their questions and check if their PCs were infected. Then thought to research on basics and land up with this FAQ kinda write-up Continue reading “WannaCry : Zero to Hero”

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